Blueprint for the Multiscreen Movement 


An ebook specifically designed for creatives,
video technicians, producers and stage designers.

Insightful. Beautiful. Professional.

Multiscreen with ease and easy on the eyes.
Retina Design - Feature Previews

Retina Design

With retina graphics and design, text is sharp, icons crisp and graphics crystal clear. Easy to read and pixel perfect..
Orange-print - Feature Preview


The whole book is full of blueprints of each setup so you can get the most out of the book. Don't just read about how to set it up, get a blueprint... or an "orange-print.".
Real Events - Feature Preview

Real Ideas.

Before every chapter begins, The Wide Guide shows you a picture of the multiscreen setup in action. This isn't a book of hypothetical ideas. It's a book of real ideas..
Ways to Save - Feature Preview

Ways to Save.

The Pro and Con's list in every chapter will make a professional out of you by the end of the book. You'll also save a lot of money in the process..
Gear Guide - Feature Preview

2-in-1: Gear Guide

Included in The Wide Guide is the "Gear Guide." Get a behind the scenes look on all the gear you need in order to be a pro at multiscreen video setups..

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